When nature and digital tech join to tell time.

When someone mentions a sundial, you most likely don't think of a supercool modern digital gadget. Perhaps sundials belog to history in our collective mindset, but we have definite proof that they are all but a thing of the past.

Created by a French Etsy seller, this is Mojoptix Digital Sundial, world's very first digital sundial, created via 3D printing technology. It is programmed to project the time inside its own shadow, using actual digits. There are actually no batteries, no motor, and no electronics behind it.

It may not be the optimal way to tell time, as it only updates every 20 minutes. On top of that, it only displays time from 10 am in the morning to 4 pm in the afternoon. So why even bother then, you ask? Well, simply because this is a stunning, creative piece of technology, bringing together the past and the present like nothing else we've seen in a while.

To understand the magic of digital sundial, check the creator's (very cool) video below, explaining how it came to be.

Feb. 29, 2016 Living photo: Mojoptix/YouTube Screenshot

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