The world's first international Bicycle Architecture Biennale, organized by CycleSpace, made its grand debut in Amsterdam last week. It featured the best solutions and ideas architecture has to offer when it comes to building and being creative for cyclists!


While considering what's best for the modern urban environment when talking about eco-friendly personal transport solutions, it doesn't get much friendlier than cycling. Creating buildings and roads that will accommodate the needs of future transport is on the go, but this time we will focus on the revival of bicycle transport. 

The world's first bicycle architecture biennale featuring the work of 14 international designers from all over the world celebrates a new wave of architecture, supporting the notion of bicycle's prominent role in the future of cities, explained Dr. Steven Fleming, curator, 2017 Bicycle Architecture Biennale. It is quite expected for the event to be held in Amsterdam, as the city represents the kind of cycling-friendly city we all should look up to, placing the greatest importance on cycling travel.

So what is happening in the cycling world? For example, Oslo will quite soon introduce a car free city centre (much like for example Ljubljana) and will have reportedly spent two billion Euro on a bike network, building bicycle parking instead of car parking. OsloSolar will enable cyclists to ride through the building, not only safely part their bike there - and it's only the first of many buildings in Oslo to do so. In Australia, Medibank Australia have built a bike track in the atrium of their newest building in Melbourne, where cyclists can cycle straight to the secure bicycle parking. For more great solutions, check the gallery above.

The Bicycle Architecture Biennale was part of the global cycling conference Velo-City.

June 19, 2017 Living photo: JDS Architects-Chongming Bicycle Park

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