If you didn't know him before, you will remember his name now - Colin Furze. The inventor of totally amazing, crazy tech - including an actual, working hoverbike!

He's the man who created hoover shoes, the world's first bike with wheels made of ice (yes, really!), a flamethrower scooter, retractable wolverine claws, a homemade Iron Man suit and many other record-breaking inventions. No wonder the tech wizz has over 2 million devoted subscribers online.

His latest and most talked about invention is the hoverbike. It looks incredibly, insanely unsafe, but it works. It won't take you very high up in the air, but high enough and it will, in fact, hover. And it will chop something off that belongs to you, if you're not extra careful, so we definitely advise against a casual hover to the shop around the corner.

Despite all the things that could go wrong, the fact remains this is an actual bike that hovers in the air. See it happen in the video below.

Here's how he made it. But seriously, don't do this at home.

May 3, 2016 Living photo: Colin Furze via YouTube

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