Hybird powertrain is supposedly going to be consisted of a petrol engine and three electric motors with a power output, similar to  La-Ferrari's

Ferrari is not a total greenhorn when it comes to hybrid cars. After all, they were one of the first manufacturer of supercars to present a hybrid driven machine. Off course, it was a La Ferrari, a successor of famous Enzo, which pretty much made it a cremé de la cremé in Ferrari’s line-up. Now, it is time for La Ferrari to fully retire and leave its space to a new car.

Interesting, while La Ferrari produced huge amount of power, Ferrari up until now never decided to use hybrid powertrain on one of its cars. Car, which is thus only going to be revealed in a couple of hours is only going to be the second of its kind to get electric motors. Together with petrol engine, it should bring a hefty 725 kilowatts of power.

Just before the presentation however, Ferrari decided to release a short video of J50 (car’s project name, which will hardly become its final name. In 10 seconds we can easily see some details, like a pointy nose, that resembles a La-Ferrari. The rest? Not so much but given the fact that the graphic was very dynamic it was just impossible to make any conclusions.

May 28, 2019 Driving photo: Ferrari

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