Seat at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona introduced a small electric mini vehicle Minimo, which they say combines the best of cars and motorcycles worlds and is the first vehicle, which was deliberately developed for car sharing.


With a length of 2.5 m and a width of 1.24 m, the concept is compact enough to be able to successfully break through the most crowded city streets. With 3.1 square meters, it also occupies less than half area of a typical small urban car. In contrast to similar urban vehicles, comfort is provided to passengers by large 17-inch wheels on a solid chassis, high SUV seating and a substantial 1 + 1 passenger compartment. According to Seat, the passenger compartment does not only protect passengers from weather conditions, but it is also safe enough, as well as practical.

Asymmetric doors have been introduced to it so that they can also be opened in the smallest places. As the driver's left door is very small, there is more space left for glass surfaces to provide visibility for the driver. The bigger right door, on the other hand, provides a comfortable entrance and exit for both passengers.

As indicated by the configuration 1 + 1, the driver and the passenger are seated one after the other, and the passenger seat is furthermore made of such durable material so that the driver can use it as a boot as well. At Seat, they also emphasize that Minimo is primarily a driver's car. The functions of the instrument panel and the infotainment system were merged on the large display behind the multifunction steering wheel.

Of course, the city car must also provide users with a sufficient range,. Minimo allows a range of up to 100 kilometers. Electricity is stored in a compact high-energy density battery under a floor of the vehicle. It is mounted in an accessible frame in which the spent battery can simply be replaced with a fresh one for another 100 kilometers of driving.

Minimo is also prepared to autonomous drive of the fourth level, which will allow it to pick up passengers on its own.

Feb. 27, 2019 Driving photo: Seat

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