To prove this, they have recieved a PAS 2060 certificate.

Few days ago, British car manufacturer Bentley made an important step forward towards greener transport by introducing their first electrified car, Bentayga plug-in hybrid, which is also, as they claim, world’s first luxury plug-in SUV. But cars are not the only field, where Bentley is trying to minimize the amount of CO2 being released into the environment. They have also made quite an important achievement, when it comes to the factory.

In fact, Bentley’s (only) car factory, which is located (and also serves as company’s headquarters) have now received a certificate, issued by Carbon Trust, that proves that mentioned facility has met the internationally recognized standard PAS 2060. Put in simply, it has met a so-called Carbon neutrality. In fact, all of the electricity being used within the mentioned complex has been produced either by on-location solar panels or purchased from resources, that produce it without harming the environment.

Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Bentley Motors, said: “While 2019 has marked Bentley’s centenary, our focus is now on preparing the business for the next 100 years. We want to lead the way in the delivery of sustainable luxury mobility – by providing our customers with products and services that reflect their own values.

This result however, did not came over night. In fact, as they point out at Bentley, company went on this path 20 years ago, when they became the first British car manufacturer to achieve ISO 14001 environmental management standard. Nevertheless, the job is not over just yet as the next big thing, first fully electric cars is still quite a long five years away from being introduced to public.

Oct. 5, 2019 Living photo: Bentley

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