Ashis Paul is a Bangladeshi inventor, who built a low-cost, electricity-free air conditioner from plastic bottles. It's easy to make and very efficient in trying to beat that summer heat.

There are numerous ways of re-using plastic bottles, the nondegradbale curse of modern days. We've already wrote about plastic bottles making their way into fashion, creating a village and dubbing as flower vases. Today, we wish to present the most practical and beneficient use of plastic bottles so far. 

Eco-Cooler solves the problem of not being able to afford the usually highly expensive AC, which is bitterly needed in hot summer weather. It uses no electricity, so basically the only cost you have building it, is investing your time and finding plastic bottles. In Bangladesh, the birth place of Eco-Cooler, this invention is a very welcome addition to any household.

The hand-made AC can change the temperature for at least 5 degrees Celsius, which is a significant change, if you're one of the 28,000 people living in a tin hut, without electricity, where temperatures rise over 40 degrees Celsius daily. So, how is it built?

As you can see in the video below, to make your own Eco-Cooler, you first need to decide which window you will use and cut a board to match the size of that window. You drill holes, which need to be large enough to hold the necks of plastic bottles with their bottoms neatly cut off. Then, the neck of each bottle is pushed through a hole and secured with a cap. 

Remarkable, simple, and eco-friendly. 

June 22, 2016 Living photo: Eco-Cooler/YouTube Screenshot

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